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Nov 2019 | Ballard Neighborhood

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Seattle may not be traditionally known for Indian Cuisine, but the recent Indian restaurant boom has put the city in the limelight. There are many quality Indian spots opening up in the city, and the mainstays continue to serve delicious Indian cuisine, making the Indian food scene bloom, to combat Seattle’s cauldron of different international flavors. Amidst this competitive landscape, India Bistro stands out from the crowd. 

Try Indian Bistro in Ballard

Mukesh “Mike” Punjabi founded India Bistro in 1998 with the dream of providing traditional Indian cuisine in his new home area of Seattle and Ballard, WA. He knows the magic of mixing the authentic ingredients – fresh meat, vegetables, and spices – to create unforgettable, mouth-watering Indian dishes. Due to popular demand, his restaurant India Bistro also offers some fusion dishes, which are a unique blend of Indian tastes and Western influences. 

The menu of India Bistro has an exciting range of dishes, which are great for both first-time tasters as well as old enthusiasts!

Here are four of the most popular dishes on the menu that you must definitely try:

Saag Paneer

This one is crazy popular in India but has many lovers in Seattle too. “Saag” means spinach and “Paneer” refers to a type of milk curd cheese. Saag Paneer has pureed spinach cooked with freshly ground spices and paneer. It is a vegetarian dish that is served with boiled Basmati rice. Just try it once, and you are sure to enjoy every bit of it, right to the part where you are licking your fingers!

Tandoori Chicken Salad

This interesting fusion salad is the perfect combination of Tandoori chicken, asparagus, and crisp romaine lettuce. The delicious salad is dressed with raisins and mango dressing. 

“Tandori” refers to an age-old cooking method in India. In this, an enclosed metal or clay oven called Tandoor is used. The meat is marinated using a variety of Indian spices and herbs and then cooked in the high heat from the wood or charcoal that burns at the base of the oven. This method cooks the meat perfectly – infusing it with the delightful flavors and aromas of the ingredients ads well as the wood or charcoal. 

The salad is made even tastier with the help of crunchy asparagus and romaine lettuce. Such a great way to eat healthily!

Kashmiri Chicken

This tempting Indian dish is created by cooking boneless chicken with fruits and mild spices in a heavenly cream sauce. The flavors blend and complement each other perfectly, giving you the perfect dish to enjoy with a loved one. 

Chicken Curry 

Indian food is incomplete without a good ol’ curry. The Chicken Curry is made by cooking chicken in a divine tomato and onion sauce, flavoring it with the perfect choice of Indian spices. It can be enjoyed with rice as well as with chapati, the traditional Indian bread.

Are you looking for some great Indian food?

India Bistro is the place to go if you want to enjoy some excellent Indian food. It specializes in these fan-favorite Indian dishes and many others. Using only fresh ingredients and the authentic flavors, the dishes served here are the best! Visit the bistro today to see (taste) for yourself!

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